God’s Anointing You For This Generation


After a life changing experience w/ Jesus I knew I was called  into ministry but  I had no idea what it would look like.  I kinda  stumbled into  my call to preach as I realized how  fully alive I  become  when I talk about  some favorite Hot Topics…

Here are some of them!

–Finding Life Purpose and destroying the Power of Purposelessness

–Encountering God and falling in love with Him

–Creating an ecstatic, pleasurable, and powerful life that you love living

–The possibilities of God! There is always more!

–The Apostolic Movement happening

–Pleasing God and Ecstatic pleasures available in God for us

–Global Missions

–Living a Powerful life and leaving Powerlessness behind

–Humility and the Servant Heart of Jesus

–Connection to God and to people

–Ephesians 3:8 endless treasures found in Jesus

–Joy, laughing until it hurts

–SEX, and why married Christians should be having the much better sex than non-Christians

–tribe building

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